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Williams Wei

18 показать телефон18269878134

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18 показать телефон18269878134

О компании

Greetings everyone ,this is Williams from Anhui Wande Biological Science and Technology co.,Ltd which is a leading fructose syrup manufacturer in China.We are providing high-fructose syrup, protein powder and other related products with attractive price to clients all over the world.

Our products include F42,F48,F55,F60,maltose syrup, protein powder and so on. We also allow our clients to customise their products in terms of dry solids,fructose content,SM-R,TM-R,BS,HMF and TLC. Our price is extremely competitive as we are an experienced manufacturer and exporter. 

Please feel hesitate to contact me if you have any inquires, I am looking forward to hearing from you soon.